Family Reunification

Family members of Finnish citizens or people with residence permits in Finland can apply for their own residence permits. An applicant’s spouse and their unmarried children under the age of 18, or members of the so called “nuclear family”, are considered as family members. In exceptional situations, other relatives can also apply for and receive a residence permit.

The Refugee Advice Centre’s lawyers work on cases involving family reunification. If you receive a negative residence permit decision, you have the right to appeal it to the Administrative Court.

Our lawyers’ hourly fee is 150€, in addition to any possible translation or interpretation fees. If you do not have sufficient funds or income, we can apply for legal aid from the state for appeal cases. In these cases, the state will cover the cost of the lawyer either partially or in full.

Our lawyers can also offer legal advice and assistance during the application phase. In most cases, it is not possible to apply for legal aid during the application phase.

More information on residence permits on basis of family ties (in Finnish)